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In conference hall of the hotel "AMAKS" was staged  The VIIth International conference of innovative models of the international integration in science — the International Research Groups (IRG). The conference is held annually. It is aimed at development of the international cooperation in engineering and natural sciences, and also at advancement of innovation development of Perm Krai.


The head of "Construction operation and geotechnical engineering" department, PNRPU  Prof. Andrey Ponomarev visited University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany. During business trip the professor gave two master classes for students of civil engineering faculty.


On November, 27 professor Hirotaka Osava from Tsukuba University, Japan,  prelected  public lecture  about "The interface of humane machine: social aspects of a robotics". The Tsukuba city is known as the city of the advanced scientific researches, and Tsukuba University is among leading ones in Japan.


In November 6, 2018 associate Professor of PNRPU Elena Seredkina met with Ms. U Kehua, the deputy director of the international office, China University of Petroleum (CUP) in Qingdao (China). The cooperation agreement between universities has been started since 2015 and up to now both universities are fully engaged in the  strengthening the cooperation.


PNRPU philosopher will give a lecture on social aspects of robotics at University of Tokyo!

On May 12, 2018 a series of public lectures will be given for Japanese students and scholars on social aspects of robotics at Policy Alternatives Research Institute, University of Tokyo (Japan) with the support of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. Elena Seredkina, Associate Professor of PNRPU Department of Philosophy and Law, Head of RRI_Lab, is invited as one of the key speakers to Japan with a report “Future relations between people and robots: national and global perspective”. 


PNRPU arranges large-scale cultural and sports events for students and staff.

PNRPU supports and develops innovations in technical sphere among students, young scientists and professors.

PNRPU carries out research activities on main priority directions.

PNRPU offers academic programs to gain a bachelor, master’s degree at 9 faculties as well as postgraduate courses.  

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