• Based on the integration of small business, science and industry the complex of PNRPU has focused all the required potential on launching big innovation projects, the realization of state orders and programs, the updating of defence complex technologies, the development of entrepreneur activities by students and the staff of the university. The development of complex innovation projects makes the core of research improvement at the university. Together with small scientific and technological companies as well as big industry enterprises the university has launched large-scaled complex innovation projects aimed to develop technological platforms which are conducted in close collaboration with research teams and scientists of the university. The realization of complex innovation projects is intended to develop the directions of “Aircraft propulsion engineering and gas-turbine technologies”, “Oil and gas production, mining operations, petroleum refining, gas and minerals’ processing”, “Nanoindustry”, “Urbanistics”, “Energy efficiency”. In accordance with the resolution of the government of RF №218 big projects are currently being conducted in collaboration with “Motovilikhinskie plants” Ltd and “Proton PM” Ltd.
  • In the sphere of innovation infrastructure the university aims to design self-development systems for the commercialization of scientific researches and the generation of innovations.
  • The innovation infrastructure includes presently the following departments: the industrial park, the students’ business incubator, the center of technologies’ transfer, the center of innovational education, the center of intellectual property, engineering problem-pointed centers, the research scientific unit.
  • The industrial park is being developed at the moment. It is located in the building of the experimental design office of the university “Temp”. The floor area of office rooms and industrial premises makes up over 14000 m2. The main organization departments of the industrial park are the innovational engineering center, the center of office business, technologies’ commercialization control, production and technical control.
  • The students’ business incubator is a methodological basis for developing and launching new educational technologies involving team project education, the system of credits, the rating system of education, distance education. Yearly projects and graduate works make the part of business plans and projects.
  • The targets of the center of technologies’ transfer are the support of innovation projects which are realized at the PNRPU, the commercialization of intellectual property, the marketing of scientific researches, the analysis of innovational activity in the region, the management of innovation projects.
  • The center of innovations and education has the licence to carry out educational activities. Annually the center provides education to 30-40 people on the programs including the management of innovation activity, the management of innovation projects, CALS – the technologies of business processes. There are three kinds of programs – short-term training (72-100 hours), medium-term training (over 100 hours), and professional advanced training (over 500 hours).
  • The center of intellectual property is organized by the university together with the Perm center of scientific and technological information of the association of the Ministry of industry and trade of RF “Rosinformresurs”. The main target of the center is search, inventory of objects of intellectual property and conclusion of licence agreements.
  • More than ten engineering problem-pointed centers operate at the PNRPU. These centers are organization departments of the university and they function on the base of self-repayment.
  • From 2010, the university has been developing its own innovation ecosystem. Participation in “Eureka” Russian-American Project and US-Russian Innovation Corridor played a major role in its development. As a result, many of the university's intellectual results were awarded with medals at innovative exhibitions such as Archimedes (Moscow), IENA (Nuremberg, Germany), Brussels – Innova/Eureka 2014 (Brussels, Belgium).
  • Since 2010, the Smart-Up business incubator (with 58 residents) has been operating on the university site. This business incubator has commercialized 9 start-up projects (including Promobot, a self-learning robot helper project; now at expansion stage, with 12 million rubles of income, and 2.5 million rubles of investments; Brainy Studio – games and apps developer, at early growth stage, with 3.1 million rubles of investments rose).
  • In 2013, the Pine Forest university Technology Park was opened (indoor area 10 thousand sq. m.). In the next five years, it is planned to increase the number of residents from 11 to 45 through building new production facilities (3 thousand sq. m.) leveraging public-private partnership funding.
  • The university will continue to develop competencies in commercialization of innovative products in the international and Russian markets through participation in the programs of the Russian Venture Fund (GenerationS and others), the Skolkovo Innovation Center, and the Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Imagine Cup). The Projects Pre-Seed Preparation Centre will be further developed, bilateral Innovation Corridors with Israel and China will be established. We will continue our work in close collaboration with partner-universities (Purdue University, University of Maryland, North Carolina State University in the USA), as well as with the US-Russian Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law.


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