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International activity involves cooperation with universities of Europe, the USA and China. The cooperation is based on academical programs for students and staff, research trainings for postgraduates, young scientists and researchers. The university arranges research trainings for professors and invites foreign professors for international experience exchange. Besides it conducts symposiums and conferences, publishes scientific monographs and journals, and carries out research projects under support of foreign and international funds and programs.

The university cooperates with the biggest foreign companies and corporations. Over 4 centers operate at the university. That is the Center of studies “DaimlerChrysler – PRPU”, the Innovation Center Microsoft in the area of Perm, the Center of technical competence “AMD – PNRPU” that operates within Advanced Micro Devices Corporation, the Center of studies of the Academy Cisco and other departments.

Under the cooperation with the Technical University Wien, University of Applied Sciences Anhalt, Mining Academy Freiberg, Catholic University Leven, Shenzhen Technical University and other universities students get “Doubled diploma”.

In agreement with the Government of Iraq and the contract with the enterprise “Neftehim-Burgos” the university teaches students and undergraduates from Algeria, Syria, China, Nigeria, CIS countries and others.

Over the last three years the university has taken part in 6 projects on the Tempus program. As a result of the project CD _JEP-23164 with € 500 000 invested as well as leading European experience the university has created the masters program “Eco-management and audit”. The masters get diplomas of PRPU and the Free University Amsterdam.


Attention!  Forms of documents

Perm National Research Polytechnic University requires the following information to make Invitation for a foreign citizen to enter the Russian Federation. 

The Invitation Agency requires one month for making Invitation. Therefore, please, send this information as soon as possible. E-mail: intedu@pstu.ru.


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