Official PNRPU delegation visited East China Jiaotong University

Official PNRPU delegation visited East China Jiaotong University

Under realization of the Agreement about scientific and educational cooperation between Perm national research polytechnic university and East China Jiaotong University, from 30 November till 3 December, 2016, the Vice-President of East China Jiaotong University, Fan Yong, welcomed the official PNRPU delegation headed by the Vice-Rector of PNRPU  N.A. Shevelev.

The purpose of visit was to discuss the joint educational program (field of study – «Economics», teaching in English) realized at PNRPU Faculty of Humanities and to develop academic and scientific mobility in engineering majors.

PNRPU delegation visited mechanical engineering laboratories of East China Jiaotong University, got aquainted with scientific achievements of Civil Engineering Faculty and met PNRPU students who currently studying at East China Jiaotong University under the exchange program (Economics).

At the work meetings the parties agreed to expand fields of academic exchange realization and to develop academic exchange in civil engineering (noise insulation, acoustics), electrical engineering (process modeling), mechanical engineering (strength characteristics of materials) and economics. China party expressed their wish PNRPU representatives (Civil engineering faculty, Mechanical engineering faculty, Electrical engineering faculty) to come at East China Jiaotong University for experience exchange and detailed studying of academic programs and scientific fields. Also the parties made arrangements on exchange of teaching staff (Linguistics) for teaching Russian and China as foreign languages.

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