PNRPU foreign students arranged New Year concert

PNRPU foreign students arranged New Year concert

On 16 December, 2016 PNRPU Foreign Students Council congratulated the University on New Year with a concert. More than 20 students participated in the concert.

Besides foreign students, Russian students also took part in a performance. International relations office employees and the United Council of PNRPU students and teachers were invited to the concert. The audience was surprised by song and dance numbers which students had prepared. The concert ended with a vivid flashmob to live performance of the French composition «Papaoutai» and after that a disco was announced.

After the event students shared their impressions:

«All of us love to meet the New Year together with family and friends when we can see shining smiles on the faces of our closest people. The smiles that come from the heart, from the soul. Today I have celebrated approaching New Year with close to me people and I have seen that smiles on their faces. Every person I have being working with has his own history and his own life journey where not only good things happen. This evening lets us forget about all problems and failures and reminds of how it is - to be happy from the very start of rehearsals till the final number of the concert. I was happy to work with people who know what they want and who ready to make all possible efforts to achieve their goal which will make happy not only themselves but also other people», - Vlad Zlobin, student of Mechanical Engineering Faculty.

«I like the concert, because we have shared our happiness with friends from different countries. Today we understand that all people are equal regardless of nationality. I thank all participants of the event. Being so far from my home country they remind me how I celebrate the New Year with my family», - Ramirez Avella Cristian Camilo, student of Mechanical Engineering Faculty.

«On that day I felt that we were like one family, we were working to produce the good concert. It was amazing thing we all worked hard and we have made a great effort and at the end we succeeded. After we had finished we celebrated together dancing it was a really wonderful day», – Mohamed Bassam Mabrouk Sayed, student of Foundation studies for foreign students.

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