PNRPU is in the international ecological ranking

PNRPU is in the international ecological ranking

According to the UI Green Metric World University Ranking released by Universitas Indonesia PNRPU is in the top 25 Russian «green» universities.

The rating includes 516 universities from 74 countries. PNRPU is in the 251 place in the general rating and in the 7 place among Russian universities.

There are 6 main indicators of the rating under which universities are selected: energy consumption and saving indicators, rational use of water, waste storage and recycling, using of ecologically clean transport, green space around the Campus and education programs on sustainable development.

PNRPU students regularly organize environmental protection events under the program «Green PNRPU».

It should be reminded that PNRPU team was noted by the expert commission of the quest «Share with us» and invited to join the Association of «Green» universities of Russia.

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