25 German students visited PNRPU

25 German students visited PNRPU

On June 13-17, 2017 PNRPU in cooperation with Higher technical school Magdeburg-Stendal (Germany) held the summer school on geotechnics.

25 German students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering from the capital of the Saxony-Anhalt accompanied by professors Ulrich Turchinsky and Sven Schwertt listened to the lectures of leading specialists in the field of geotechnics, visited laboratories, know more about new Master programs and results of the scientific researches carrying out at the Department «Construction operations and geotechnics».

Besides valuable scientific knowledge, the participants of the school also got unforgettable impressions of visiting Perm museums, a planetarium and Kungur ice cave.

- It was an unforgettable trip. We like Perm very much. We have visited a lot of interesting places. Also we have listened to lectures of leading specialists, visited a laboratory of the Department «Construction operations and geotechnics». I and my groupmates seriously consider the opportunity to study a master`s degree program at PNRPU, - shared Christian Dannenberg, a student of the Magdeburg University.

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