PNRPU students are forum delegates in China

PNRPU students are forum delegates in China

PNRPU students Maria Gunicheva and Olga Tyutyunschikova became delegates of the IV Russian-Chinese Youth Forum «Volga – Yangtze. Charming Anhui». In total there were 9 participants from Perm.

The forum was held on June 6-17 in Hefei and Huangshan (cities of the People`s Republic of China) and was devoted to the development of friendship between youth people of the countries. In total 160 Russian students from 14 RF Volga Federal Districts and 180 China students from 6 regions of Upstream, Midstream waters of river Yangtze, PRC  participated in the forum.

The Presidential Envoy to Volga Federal District, Mikhail Babich, participated in the closing ceremony of the IV Russian-Chinese Youth Forum «Volga – Yangtze. Charming Anhui» that took place on June 16 in Hefei (Anhui province).

Presidential Envoy Mikhail Babich and a member of the National Council of People`s Republic of China Yang Jiechi solemnly welcomed the forum participants.

Mikhail Babich recalled the origin of the Youth Forum "Volga-Yangtze".

- In 2013, on the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of the People's Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping, we held the first meeting of our regions in the format "Volga Yangzi", where the main issues of interregional cooperation in the sphere of economy, education, culture and tourism were discussed. When we finished this work and summed up the results, we had a pleasant impression of the beginning of the work, we understood the potential for interregional cooperation in the Volga-Yangtze format. At the same time, we felt that we were missing something. We did not have enough understanding of who would continue this – this was something we were missing. The work we are doing requires long months and years. And it is very important that this work will be done along with young people who will change us. Then we had this idea which was supported by our leaders. In 2014, we organized the first joint Russian-Chinese shift under the Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga" and since that moment this tradition has not been interrupted, - the plenipotentiary emphasized.

- Everything we are doing we do for you and your comrades. Today, when you have the opportunity to study, to learn the history of the states, its traditions and to apply your knowledge in practice - this is the golden time, which you should use with maximum benefit for yourself and for your regions.

- There are representatives of our regions in the hall and we are sure, Mr. Yang Jiechi, that these boys and girls will become the most active devotees of the Volga-Yangzi project,-  noted Mikhail Babich.

The Presidential Envoy to Volga Federal District thanked Mr. Yang Jiechi and administration of Anhui province for careful support of the Russian-Chinese Youth forum and invited everyone to the forum in 2018 that will take place in Russia.

Forum delegates from Perm krai received unforgettable impressions of the travel to China

- Every day in China was unique and full of bright events. The delegation of Perm krai took part in the round table discussion, during which a bright presentation about the Perm krai, about the leading Perm universities and broad opportunities for international exchange which is implemented by Perm universities was given in English. We visited leading enterprises of Hefei, listened to the lectures of leading teachers from Hefei universities, got acquainted with Chinese history, culture and art, - shared Marina Kudasheva, Head of the Department for educational and extracurricular work of Perm State Institute of Culture, she accompanied the students on their trip.

During the closing ceremony of the forum Perm students planted a tree in the Avenue of Friendship in the park of Anhui University as a sign of friendship between Russian and Chinese youth.

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