German scientists gave master classes at PNRPU

German scientists gave master classes at PNRPU

On June 20-23, 2017 scientists from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences gave a series of master classes (in English) at PNRPU under the project of international research group of scientists «Software and economic and mathematical models development to support management processes of innovation projects in industrial systems» (project manager Mylnikov L.A., PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate professor of the Department «Microprocessor automation»):

- master classes by Prof. Martin Kutz «Fundamentals of management decision making support in industrial and economic systems based on indicators»;

- master classes by Dr. Bernd Krause «Statistical methods of time series data mining»;

- master classes by Prof. Korinna Bade «Methods of knowledge retrieval and mining in nonformalized data (problems of classification and statistics on text data)» (the master-class was held remotely);

- master class by Prof. Michael Worzyk «Storage concepts of big data and time series (nonrelational databases, SAP Hana)».

Moreover, PNRPU students defended their Master`s Thesis under the Double degree program and based on the results of the defense 4 Master students of PNRPU Department  «Microprocessor automation» will be awarded with Master diploma of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Also our German colleagues and students of the Department «Microprocessor automation» paid a study visit to the company «Promobot» and a group of companies «Sputnik». Archive representatives of Perm presented our guests books «Perm-Duisburg» about development history of twin towns.

Martin Kutz, Bernd Krause and Michael Worzyk were in Perm on June 19-25. The main aim of their visit: development of cooperation under students and academic staff exchange, development of study programs, collaborative researches and exchange of academic papers, mutual assistance in the preparation of seminars, conferences and master classes and cooperation in preparing of projects in the priority research areas. One of the results of cooperation is the conference «Applied Innovation in IT» which Electrical Engineering Faculty of PNRPU jointly with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences held in March 2017 for the fifth time. The conference was indextied in the international citation index Web of Science.

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