Research Overview


  The priority research areas of the university are "Aircraft engine and gas turbine technologies", "Mining and processing of oil, gas and mineral resources", "Nanoindustry", "Urbanistics".



1. Aircraft engine and gas turbine technologies

As part of this priority area university’s research teams carry out research and development associated with the solution of problems of reliability and service life improving of gas turbine aircraft engines and power plants, reducing fuel consumption, improving environmental performance (noise reduction, reducing emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases), improving economic efficiency at all stages of the life-cycle engines. The university successfully running a number of mega-laboratories and centers (Dynamic Strength of Aircraft engines, Scientific and Educational Center of Acoustic Research, Development and Production of Composite Aircraft Structures and Sound-Absorbing Materials, etc.). A team of researchers includes 24 Doctors of Science and 46 PhDs.

2. Mining and processing of oil, gas and mineral resources

In this area, university performs research and development related to solving problems of oil, gas and minerals extraction, the analysis of the geological structure and assessment of the possibility of the integrated development of mineral resources, the development of resource-efficient technologies, territorial development of combined oil and potassium-magnesium salts, processing of hydrocarbon, salts liquor and sub-standard products, cleaning of associated petroleum gas and waste water. The scientific and technical basis of this priority direction is the project center "PNRPU - oil projects" intended to carry out development works connected with the construction and operation of wells (in the reporting period, the Centre completed 42 design work for a total of 456.5 million rubles) as well as a number of major structural units of the university, "The Center for Chemical Engineering and Physical-Chemical Research", "The Center of Permeability and Porosity Properties of the Rocks", etc. A team of researchers includes 32 Doctors of Science and 45 PhDs.

3. Nanoindustry

The research in this priority direction related to solving the problems of creating powder metallurgy production (from receipt of powders to the manufacture of powder materials based on iron, copper, aluminum, titanium, ceramics and intermetallic compounds with high performance properties), the development of technologies for creating porous ceramics witj controlled porosity (from nano-to microsize), nanopowder and nano-structured coatings materials. Research in this area is being performed in The Powder Materials Research Center under the guidance of Academician of RAS V.N. Antsiferov, as well as a number of other centers and laboratories. A team of researchers includes 18 Doctors of Science and 26 PhDs.

4. Urbanistics

In this priority direction the scientists and specialists of the University perform research and provide scientific and technical services related to the development of urban infrastructure (water supply and water waste treatment, heat and power, transportation, building and construction, traffic control, waste production and consumption), technosphere safety, with the development of innovative technologies in the field of informatization of modern urban planning and service-oriented technologies. A team of researchers includes 26 Doctors of Science and 38 PhDs.


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