Entrance Rules for foreign citizens


Foreign citizens get education at Perm National Research Polytechnic University on the programs of:

  • bachelor, master programs, specialists and postgraduate studies (full-time and part-time)
  • additional higher education (for students already enrolled at PNRPU or another university)
  • preparation courses (Russian language, basics of mathematics and chemistry, only full-time)


Foreign citizens are enrolled at PNRPU ONLY if they show international passport, migration card and education certificates/diplomas.

BACHELOR (four-year program), SPECIALIST (five-year program)
  • Document of secondary or secondary professional education equal to the respective level of education in RF
MASTER (2-year program)
  • Document of education equal to the level of a «Bachelor» in RF in accordance with the respective direction
  • If the subjects done before don’t comply with the respective direction of education international citizens undergo an entrance test.


  •  Document of education equal to the level needed to gain a PhD in RF



!!! PNRPU enrolls most talented and gifted applicants


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