Entrance tests

Entrance tests are carried out in a form of an interview.

Foreign citizens are enrolled on preparation courses and short-time training courses at PNRPU (internships incl.) WITHOUT entrance tests.

Entrance tests:

  • August 22th 2012, September 19th 2012 - Russian language
  • August 20th 2012,  September 17th 2012 - Mathematics
Specialties connected with the studies of foreign languages
  • An interview on Russian Language and respective foreign language

Foreign citizens are not interviewed on Russian Language if they submit a Certificate on Russian Language as a foreign one (Level1).

By a SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME of an entrance interview confirmed by a testing committee PNRPU enrolls foreign citizens on the respective programs of education at PNRPU.

PNRPU can refuse to enroll foreign citizens on the assumption of:

  • Unsatisfactory outcome of an entrance interview confirmed by a testing committee
  • Breach of Migration Regulations in RF

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