17 июля 2019

The master class at Perm Tech was given by prof. Marian Wiercigroch from University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK)

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17 июля 2019

July 19- July 26. the number of master-classes devoted the basis of vacuum laser welding and Modeling of the processes in penetration channel when vacuum laser welding will take place at Perm Tech. The master-class will be held in the framework of the project named "International research consortiums" funded by the Perm Krai Government.

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16 июля 2019

More than 200 students of Perm Tech began their summer training practice that started with excursion to the production facilities of "LUKOIL-PERM".

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12 июля 2019

The dance ensemble «Solnechnaya Raduga»  took part in IX International folklores festival «Gorcy», which was held in Makhachkala. The event jointed together casts from 15 regions of the Russian Federation and 10 casts from near and far-abroad countries.

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9 июля 2019

The opening of the virtual reality and simulation laboratory – an innovative platform for the development of new technologies in the digital transformation took place in Perm Tech .

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2 июля 2019

Master degree students studying the double degree diploma program which is arranged between Perm Tech and Anhalt University of Applied Science defended their thesis in the end of June.  

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28 июня 2019

In June, the 44th world Congress of the International society of medical hydrology (ISMH), attended by 240 representatives from 47 countries, was held in the underground halls of the world famous Wieliczka salt mine (Poland).

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27 июня 2019

Forbes compiled the ranking of higher education institutions, assessing not only the quality of Russian education, but also to find out which universities foster academic excellence with entrepreneurial streak, able to enter the Forbes list or become part of the Russian policy elite. 

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25 июня 2019

On June 17 in Moscow on the basis of the company "Kam cabel" was held a meeting devoted to the development of cooperation in the field of interaction with domestic and foreign specialized scientific organizations.

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24 июня 2019

All students are studying at Oil and Gas engineering faculty, and they are acquiring the specialty which is related with drilling of oil and gas wells, because the place where they are from is active in oil production.. 

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