Priority research directions


Aero-engineering and gas–turbine technologies

Researches aimed at improving reliability and resource of gas-turbine aero-engines and energy installations

Nikhamkin M.A.
Prof., Head of the Institute of aero-engineering and gas–turbine technologies

Trufanov N.A.
Prof., Head of the Department “Computational Mathematics and Mechanics”

Modorskiy V.Ya.
Prof., Head of the Center for efficient computation systems

Extraction and refining of oil, gas and minerals

Researches aimed at the development of leading resource efficient technologies of prospecting and development of oil and salt fields, hydrocarbon refining and water treatment

Petrov V.Yu.
Prof., president of PNRPU


Researches aimed at the development of unique powder metallurgy products, nanopowder materials and nanostructured coatings.

Anziferov V.N.
Prof., Head of the Scientific Center of powder materials science

Urban Sustainable Development

Elaboration of modern technologies and techniques for development of urban infrastructure, communications and safety

Ponomarev A.B.
Prof., Head of the Department “Construction industry”

Vaisman Ya.I.
Prof., Head of “Environment protection”

Melekhin A.G.
Prof., Head of the Department “Water supply and waste disposal”

PNRPU advanced creations:

  • We have developed monocrystal casting technology and additive technology for production of the new Russian carrier rocket «Angara» engine – the most reliable and ecological.
  • We have developed all compositive elements of the aviation engine for the airliner MC-21 – the most comfortable mid-range aircraft in the world.
  • Due to our «Intellectual field» technology we provide with full and safe extraction of fossil natural resources.
  • We contribute to the battle with the disease of the XXI century - saccharine diabetes, implementing synthesis and analyze of the chemical activity perspective of the remedy elements. 

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