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Perm National Research Polytechnic University offers job opportunities for foreign lecturers, R&D staff, Associate Professors and others

In 2009 PNRPU gained a new status of the “national research university”, and there are only 29 of such major universities of Russia at the moment. The new status meant new targets with a distinct focus on internationalization. PNRPU strives for developing a research, innovative and entrepreneurial university, improvement of education by integrating academic, scientific, innovating environments and advanced educational programs outlasting professional practices; developing a top level engineering educational programs based on remarkable achievements in certain areas, high level integration with the world educational environment, leading corporate enterprises and organizations. It is obvious that PNRPU plays an important role in the development of technological innovations in Russia by having an extensive pool of human and technical potential as well as its strong links with the industries operators.

The University consists of subsidiaries, faculties and departments, centres and institutes: Higher School of Business and Economics; Institute of Oil and Gas; Institute of Labor and Human Safety; Institute of Fundamental Researches; Institute of Continuous Education; Institute of Aircraft Engine and Gas-Turbine Technologies; Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering; Institute of Potassium; Regional Centre for Information Technologies; Educational, Consulting and Research Centre INTERLINGVACOMMUNICATION; Engineering Research Centre PNRPU-NEFTEPROEKT; Centre for Rocks Reservoir Properties; Scientific and Academic Centre of Composite Sound-Absorbing Aircraft Constructions and Technologies; Scientific and Educational Centre of Applied Chemical and Biological Researches; Centre for High Performance Computational Systems; Centre for Experimental Mechanics; Centre for High Technology Machine Engineering Production; Regional Development Centre, Centre for Advanced Scientific Chemical Technologies, Physical and Chemical Researches; Interuniversity Centre for Extracurricular Work; TERRA COMMUNICACCIO Centre; Centre for Innovation Technologies; Centre for Extended Innovation Education PNRPU-PUMORI and other educational, scientific, engineering design and production facilities.

There are 9 faculties at the University:

- Faculty of chemical technologies, industrial ecology and biotechnology
- Aerospace
- Mining and Oil
- Humanities
- Mechanical Engineering
- Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
- Civil Engineering
- Electrical Engineering

Main research directions of Perm National research Polytechnic University

The Regulation on employment of foreign lecturers and R&D staff can be found here

If you have any questions regarding employment at PNRPU, please contact the International Office

International Office

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e-mail: ums@pstu.ru