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Pre-University and Language Courses

Pre-University and Language Courses



General information

PNRPU offers foreign applicants an opportunity to study Russian and prepare themselves for PNRPU full-time programs at the Foundation Studies. 

PNRPU Foundation Studies have been certified by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Thus, it welcomes both state-funded (quota) and self-funded applicants and students.

Foundation studies target at preparing foreign nationals to enter PNRPU bachelor, master, specialist and PhD programs. The foundation studies let foreign applicants learn Russian, as well as refresh their knowledge of Mathematic, Physics, IT, Chemistry and other disciplines depending on the profile of their future program.

Foreign nationals can choose from one of the following disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economics.

Please note the following topics will be covered in their respective disciplines:

  • Engineering

- Russian language (including scientific style);

- Physics;

- Mathematics;

- Information Technologies;

- Engineering Design;

- Geometry and Trigonometry/Chemistry.

  • Natural Sciences

- Russian language (including scientific style);

- Physics;

- Mathematics;

- Chemistry;

- Information Technologies;

- Geometry and Trigonometry

  • Economcs

- Russian language (including scientific style);

- Social studies;

- Mathematics;

- Information Technologies;

- Russian History;

- Ecology.

The program offers 1094 in-class academic hours, 4-6 days a week in the Main Building of PNRPU.

In the course of studies students undertake to pass interim credits and exams, after the studies they will pass the final exams. After them the students will gain the Certificate of Completion.

Foundation studies employ PNRPU academic and scientific staff to ensure a high level of its graduates' competences and guarantee that they can study at PNRPU or any other Russian university after this program.


In general the duration of the course is 1 academic year usually from October 1st till July 31st. There are 2 breaks in the course, namely 2 weeks in winter and the entire August month in summer.

Tuition fee 

Please note that PNRPU Foundation studies is only available on a full time and full fee basis.

The tuition fee for the academic year of 2019-2020 is 85 800 rubles in total (total includes medical insurance certificate costs ).


Admissions process starts from May 15th every year for the full time programme. Depending on demand, there is also an intensive option for students that  arrive in November and/orDecember. Please note that the intensive option will only proceed once there are more than 8 students enrolled.

To complete the adimission process, you’ll require the following documents:

  • Passport and its notarized (certified) translation into Russian.
  • Diploma (degree/ school certificate) and its notarized (certified) translation into Russian.
  • HIV medical certificate, medical certificate from dermatologist and venerologist. All these documents have to be translated into Russian. Of course you can make all of them in Perm. Be aware that without them you are not allowed to stay in the dorms.
  • 6 color (matt) photos 3x4 cm.
  • Application form (for those who can’t enter Russian without visa). You can get this application form by sending an e-mail to ...

The accommodation on campus is app. 700 rubles a month per person.

An average student spends app. 10 000 rubles on meals per month.

Visa and Police Registration

If you have any questions related to invitations, visa, registration etc., you can contact:

Olga Shevchenko at 

email: osh@pstu.ru

phone: +7 (342) 2198 668

address: Office 311, Building B.

If you need a visa to enter Russia, then you need to send a complete set of documents (Admissions) including the Application Form to Elena Ivanova. Please be careful to put the country and city of where you will get the visa in the line “Place of Issuing Visa (country, city)”.

After arrival to Perm any student/applicant must get the Police (migration) registration and make his visa prolongation. In order to do it each student/applicant must come to Olga Shevchenko (Office 311, Building B) on the first working day after the arrival. For visa prolongation every one must pay the state tax amounting to 1600 rubles. Olga will instruct you how to do it.

The tuition fees are listed on our website (in English):


If you have any questions related to the Foundation Studies, you can address

Elena Vladimirovna Ivanova

Vice-Head of Foundation Studies Office

Address: 29 Komsomolsky prospekt, Office 315a, Building A.

Tel. + 7 (342) 2198 222

Tel. + 7 (342) 2198 108

Vice-Head of Foundation Studies Office

Address: 29 Komsomolsky prospekt, Office 311, Building B.

Tel. + 7 (342) 2198 777

E-mail: poig_pnipu@mail.ru