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Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation


There are comfortable conditions at the university to curry out sport activities in sports health-improving groups. At the hostels of the university there are fitness rooms, gyms. Students and the staff of the university do in their spare time more than 100 arts of sports.

More than 200 sports competitions are annually conducted at the university involving over 12000 students and staff members of the university. Sports contest among departments in 14 arts of sports enjoys wide popularity as well as track and field relay race for the award of the sports club “Politechnic”, competitions on the program “Russian ski track”, sports contest among hostels in 11 arts of sports. Festive mass sports competitions are curried out in dedication to the Day of the University, the Day of Motherland’s defender, the Day of Win.

Dozens of sports masters, hundreds of sports candidates and holders of the first grade improve their sports skills and successfully present students’ sports of RF under the direction of honored trainers of RF Sabaluev A.I., Selyaev V.V., Sibiryakov P.P. and others. The names of students-sportsmen of the university are widely known outside Perm Kray. The champions of Perm Kray, RF, Europe and of the world get education at our university.

Trainers’ staff

  • honored trainers of RF
  • high achievers of physical culture
  • judges of republican category
  • judges of international category
  • sports masters of RF

Sports facilities

  • Sports health-improving complex
  • 4 game halls
  • Wrestling hall
  • The hall for weight lifting
  • 5 gyms
  • Aerobics studio
  • 7 halls for special physical fitness