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Anatoly Aleksandrovich Таshkinov

Rector, Professor,
Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Address: 29 Komsomolsky prospekt, Office 225, Perm, Postcode 614990
Tel./fax: +7 (342) 2-198-067

Is in charge of the following university directions and activities:

  • programs and development projects of the university in educational, scientific, innovation and international activities;
  • improvement of university structure, development and reorganization of structure subdivisions;
  • collaboration with enterprises and organizations on development and training of the teaching staff, conducting research work as well as mutual participation in programs and projects;
  • accountability for overall performance of economic-organizing, legal and information-analytical activities at the university;
  • accountability for logistics in educational and scientific activities, acquisition and usage of educational and scientific equipment, instruments and materials;
  • fixing and usage of educational, scientific and production space by subdivisions at the university;
  • social security;
  • Other directions and activities in accordance with rector’s order.

Facilitates the work of collegiate bodies at the university:

  • Academic Council;
  • Dean’s meetings, broadened rector’s office;
  • integrated committee for state purchases;
  • social council and committees;
  • Other collegiate bodies in accordance with rector’s order.

Carries out responsibility for overall performance of:

  • department of social development;
  • centre of social protection for students and postgraduates;
  • Other subdivisions in accordance with regulations of structure subdivisions and rector’s order.