Address: 29 Komsomolsky prospekt, Office 228, Perm, Postcode 614990
Tel./fax: +7 (342) 2-198-010,2-198-068
Nikolai Alekseevich Shevelev
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Professor,
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Is in charge of the following university directions and activities:

  • Competition-based application of teaching staff for academic rank;
  • training and qualifying of teaching staff;
  • students’ practical trainings (contents, facilitation);
  • job placement and monitoring of professional activities of graduates, employment of students;
  • complementary vocational training;
  • pre-educational training;
  • extracurricular work;
  • labour protection and qualifying of jobsites;
  • accountability for overall performance of information activities, acquisition of books and postal subscription of periodicals;
  • methodological support of educational activity, preparation and publishing of textbooks, tutorials and other workbooks as well as development and usage of distance educational resources;
  • development of computer information technologies, telecommunications and connection;
  • Other directions and activities in accordance with rector’s order.

Facilitates the work of collegiate bodies of the university:

  • editorial and publishing council;
  • extracurricular council;
  • council for patriotic education of youth;
  • council for informatization;
  • committees for deduction of inventory and fixed assets;
  • Other collegiate bodies in accordance with rector’s order.

Is in charge of overall performance of:

  • department for extracurricular work;
  • department for practical trainings and complementary education “Educational and Methodological Administration”
  • department for labour safety;
  • department for standardization, metrology, certification and educational hardware;
  • faculty for staff training;
  • preparation courses;
  • scientific library;
  • regional information centre;
  • publishing house;
  • Other subdivisions in accordance with regulations of structure subdivisions and rector’s order.

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