PNRPU is in the top 100 universities according to ARES-2014

PNRPU is in the top 100 universities according to ARES-2014

PNRPU has been included into the top 100 universities in the ARES-2014 academic rankings (Academic Ranking of World universities-European standard ARES-2014, ARES-2014 Russian Federation) produced by the European Scientific-Industrial Chamber. This rating includes Russian universities that conform to the European standards of education and research.

Two Perm universities were included into the ARES-2014 rankings – PNRPU in 40th place and PSNRU in 70th. The ranking includes 26 classic universities, 12 medical universities and over 40 technical universities.

ARES-2014 Russian universities ranking.

For reference:
ARES Ranking is conducted according to EU standards. The main ranking parameters are scientific output, international activity, graduates demand, informatisation, level of faculty development, faculty international recognition, membership in European scientific academies, awards handed out by subdivisions of European Scientific-Industrial Chamber and European Commission, relationships with employers.

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