PNRPU saves the heritage of the Prikamye region together with foreign scientists

PNRPU saves the heritage of the Prikamye region together with foreign scientists

On 7 July the international architecture school opened in Usolie on the Stroganov island. The director of this school was Sandro Parrinello, Doctor of Architecture, professor of Italian University of Pavia. Co-director from the Russian side was Svetlana Maximova, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of PNRPU.

The purpose of the joint project of the Department «Architecture and urban geography» of PNRPU and Italian University of Pavia was to determine methods to save the Stroganov architecture ensemble. Therefore the topic formulated was «Disappearing heritage of the Prikamye region: Usolie. Methods to save the Stroganov architecture ensemble».

Directions of the architecture school:

1. Landscape-visual and space analyses of the territory of the Usolie historical-architecture complex;

2. 3D current state visualization of the historical-architecture complex buildings;

3. The reconstruction conception of the Stroganov architecture ensemble buildings;

4. Formulation of the strategy on the protection of the complex territory from underflooding;

5. The conception of development and modern using of the complex «Stroganov Island» in Usolie.

Students, postgraduate students and specialists in the field of building, architecture and preservation of cultural heritage are participating in the work. During some days the participants would create their projects on preservation of the Stroganov architecture heritage to save it in future.

Results of the Architecture school will be published in the article of the journal RINTS «PNRPU bulletin. Applied ecology. Urban geography».

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