Our students are taking over the world!

Our students are taking over the world!

Entrants of Perm State Polytechnic University have a great opportunity to get traineeships and study abroad.

PNRPU has been co-operating actively with People`s Republic of China universities in recent years. For example, Harbin Institute of Technology and East China Jiao Tong University offer students of technical specialities traineeships for a year. Since 2014 there are exchange programs with China University of Petroleum which include participation in summer and winter language schools and also free education for bachelors and masters. Moreover, masters and doctorates can take part in the annual all-Russian contest to get the RF president scholarship to study abroad. In 2014 three young scientists of PNRPU won the contest and got an opportunity for research internships at:
- University of Vienna (Austria) – Ekaterina Makarova, PhD student at Materials, technologies and machine construction department;
- Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) – Elizaveta Suhoplecheva, master of Chemistry and biotechnologies;
- LILLE 1 University - Science and Technology (France) – Natalya Kosheleva, PhD student at Dynamics and machine strength department.

More than 20 students of PNRPU study abroad under the academic exchange program every year.

Students of Humanities and Electrical engineering faculties have opportunities for traineeships in Germany under the Dual diploma program, where students can get a German University diploma if they study at the partner university for one year. Under this program in June 2015 master theses defenses took place in English at the Automation microprocessors department of the Electrical engineering faculty of PNRPU before German commission for the third time.


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