Mobility 4.0: new relations in the digital age

Mobility 4.0: new relations in the digital age

New concept of driving "Mobility 4.0" poses a new challenge: how "smart" and Autonomous can and should be the vehicle? Can machines make ethical decisions? What ethical borders should be set? Who will define these borders? What are the moral criteria and legal standards should guide the automotive industry? And what should be the roads of the future and infrastructure in General?

Experts from different fields of science (philosophers, engineers, lawyers) were gathered at Perm national research Polytechnic University  to try to find the answers to these questions.

On December 3, 2018 PNRPU held the panel discussion "Unmanned vehicles: the moral challenges and regulation" in the framework of the III International scientific-practical conference "Image of the engineer of the XXI century: artificial intelligence and society". Before the discussion starts with a presentation by the Director of the Institute for technology assessment and systems analysis Karlsruhe(ITAS), the head of the office for technology assessment in the Bundestag, Professor A. Grunwald. He told about his experience in the Commission on ethics, which has developed ethical support for unmanned vehicles and submitted them in August 2017 The Federal Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure of Germany.

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