The German Days of Science at Perm Tech!

The German Days of Science at Perm Tech!

PNRPU and PNRU will open its doors for German days of Science, that will be held on 20-22 May, 2019. We welcome all: students, lecturers, scientists, representatives of the regional universities and business community and everybody who is interested in.  The main goal  of the German days of Science is to find new partners in education, science, and business, that will help to set new goals and objectives and ways to solves new problems that appear in nowadays globalization.   

The German Days of Science will start its opening from the seminar which will be held by the German House of Science and Innovation, Moscow (DWIH).

The two days Program will cover different topics in the format of chalk and talk sessions, panel discussions with leading German experts.  

  • Environment and environmental challenges;
  • problem and assessment of anthropogenic environmental impact;
  • protected areas and national parks;
  • tourist design and ecological paths;
  • bioremediation;
  • geological safety of cities and mining areas;
  • interdisciplinary researches.

German-Russian Days of Science are organized with support of German House of science and innovation  (DWIH) under the Russian-German Year of scientific-educational partnership 2018-2020 (The Year of Science).

If you have any questions please contact our international office, PNRPU.


Tel.: +7(342) 219-81-33. 

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