Perm Tech scientist will discuss waste management and eco-technologies.

Perm Tech scientist will discuss waste management and eco-technologies.

Environment protection department together with IWWG-RUNISRB are holding  the IV international conference "From waste management to resource management" .

Scientist  from both Russian and foreign  universities, institutes and research centers, representatives of industrial and public organizations, under and post graduates students are invited to the conference.

The topics which are going to be covered are the following:

  • Waste management technologies.

Innovations in waste management. The best accessible technologies. Waste segregation and methods for disposal considerations. Thermal waste initialization. Waste land filling.

  • Green economy and waste management.

Circular economy. Renewable sources of energy. Sustainable development of the cities. Smart technologies for waste management. Green technologies in civil engineering.

  • Remote monitoring of derelict lands.

Remote data acquisition technologies. Using remotely piloted aircrafts for distance landfill monitoring. Case studying.

  • Responsible research and innovation.

RRI and related with social problems. Environmental education. Responsibility, public attendance and direct dialogue.

The number of master classes will be conducted by the leading Russian and foreign scientists and specialists in the waste management.

For more information please follow the web site of the conference.

We are welcome everybody!

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