Perm Tech and National science park in Quingdao. New frontiers

Perm Tech and National science park in Quingdao. New frontiers

Perm Tech delegation visited Quingdao Hich-Tech science park to meet new achievements in service and industrial robotic engineering. Also there were carried on negotiations with representatives of China investment company Jinmao"  and China University of Petroleum. As a result the framework contract with "Jinmao" Company was signed. The parties made decision to have a roundtable discussion in the framework of International Conference devoted to the robotics, which will be  in the end of August in Beijing.

It's worth mentioning that Perm Tech is active in cooperation with China University of Petroleum. During the visit there was reached an agreement to extend cooperation between universities. The key branches for further cooperation will be oil and gas, robotics, IT, environmental protection. China University of Petroleum is ready to participate in Perm Tech world class scientific educational center in regards to sustainable mineral resource management.

To be continued...

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