Students from Iraq are serving their apprenticeship

Students from Iraq are serving their apprenticeship

All students are studying at Oil and Gas engineering faculty, and they are acquiring the specialty which is related with drilling of oil and gas wells, because the place where they are from is active in oil production.

During the next month foreign students will get acquainted with the activities of the Perm Institute. The first stage of production practice is the introduction to the specialty: students will be informed about the research conducted by the branch, focusing on the direction of drilling. Also the students will be familiarized with the laboratory work, the activity of which is directly connected with drilling operations.

After the introductory course, each student under the guidance of a researcher of the branch "PermNIPIneft" will start in practice in their field, which includes well construction technology, design, grouting solutions and well monitoring.

Since 2014 Perm Tech has the base Department of the branch "PermNIPIneft" "Oil and Gas engineering". Over the past time, it has become a real talent pool for the research and design Institute.


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