Synergy of business and scientific community

Synergy of business and scientific community

On June 17 in Moscow on the basis of the company "Kam cabel" was held a meeting devoted to the development of cooperation in the field of interaction with domestic and foreign specialized scientific organizations.

The main topic of discussion was the integration of the Russian and Chinese scientific communities and business potential, as well as the presentation of the benefits of cooperation for all parties. The main participants were JSC "Research Institute of innovative technologies in power engineering" (JSC "Research Institute INNOTEL"), Shanghai research Institute of electric cables SECRI (Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute), Perm Tech (PNRPU), Russian chemical technology University n.a. D. I. Mendeleev, Institute of fine chemical technologies n.a. M. V. Lomonosov, Russian University of technology (MIREA, Moscow) and Institute of synthetic polymer materials n.a. N. S. Enikolopov RAS.

"The unification of scientific potential is the first and important step towards the development of fundamentally new, breakthrough designs, technologies and materials for the cable industry of the country. We set ourselves the goal for creating a competence Center of the cable industry, consolidating professionals in various fields of knowledge", — says Deputy General Director of LLC "Kam cabel" Andrey Isachenko.

Following the meeting, the participants decided to sign a Memorandum of cooperation on R & d issues in the cable industry. Another important area of joint work was the development of new materials, which will involve scientific industry organizations with competencies in the field of applied chemistry. It is not only about polymers, but also about the whole range of materials used in the cable industry. New materials are one of the most important shot in the arm  determining the development of all industries.

"This meeting provided an opportunity to establish cooperation with Chinese colleagues on the exchange of experience, the opportunity to participate in our events and educational activities, to get off on the right foot with the business and to prepare qualified personnel", — said  Vice-rector for R&D Vladimir Korotaev, Perm Tech.  

The participants of the meeting agreed to establish a world-class laboratory at the Perm Tech with the involvement of Chinese scientists.

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