Forbes: "Perm Tech is among the best Russian Universities".

Forbes: "Perm Tech is among the best Russian Universities".

Forbes compiled the ranking of higher education institutions, assessing not only the quality of Russian education, but also to find out which universities foster academic excellence with entrepreneurial streak, able to enter the Forbes list or become part of the Russian policy elite.

Perm Tech took 56th place in the ranking that's out of 100 universities.

The ranking is based on the activity effect monitoring data provided by the Ministry of Education.  The authors of the ranking also analyzed the statistics about graduate employability, sought-after specialists, and how many of them are entrepreneurs.

There were 10 parameters organized in 3 large groups the universities were evaluated s.s.:

  • quality of education;
  • graduate competencies;
  • Forbes factor (how prestigious the university is and what is the share of entrepreneurs among the graduates).

Let's bring to mind that in spring 2019 the graduate of Perm Tech Oleg Kivokurzev (the founder of the Promobot Company) was among the successful young people  about 30s who was on the Forbes panel.

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