Perm Tech staff members took part in the world congress about medical hydrology.

Perm Tech staff members took part in the world congress about medical hydrology.

In June,  the 44th world Congress of the International society of medical hydrology (ISMH), attended by 240 representatives from 47 countries, was held in the underground halls of the world famous Wieliczka salt mine (Poland).

Perm Tech staff members are interested in the main topic of the Congress, because it is intertwined with the main theme of Scientific and educational center called "Environmental Management"  created in Perm according to the  order of the President of Russian Federation.

During  the  Congress there was studied the following: methods of treatment by mineral water, natural mud, special disperse medium "salt air" in the underground therapeutic clinics or in the ground complexes of speleoclimate.

Professor G. Z. Feinburg, who moderated a special session on speleotherapy in the underground lecture hall of the salt mine, made two  central reports, done jointly with the Perm medical University and the National Association of specialists for the development of speleotherapy and halotherapy.

The first report was devoted to the of several factors formation processes of the therapeutic air environment and surrounding surfaces in underground clinics of natural caves, ore mixture, salt and potash mines.

The second report was devoted to the mechanisms and results of the interval effects of "salt air" impact on the body of patients, adults and children with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, asthma, various alergopathies, experiencing stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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