Virtual reality and Perm Tech

Virtual reality and Perm Tech

The opening of the virtual reality and simulation laboratory – an innovative platform for the development of new technologies in the digital transformation took place in Perm Tech .

The laboratory contains special equipment for the development of virtual and augmented reality, simulation and classes in online mode. The classes will be conducted by experts from "Management and marketing" department, as well as the heads of industrial enterprises, which are the-partners of Perm Tech, sharing their knowledge and practical experience in the field of virtual and augmented reality, business architecture design and BI systems development.

The opening of the laboratory was accompanied by a the best practices presented by the scientific and educational competence center of control production modern technologies. Thus, in the field of virtual and augmented reality, the analysis of the engine PS-90 in the virtual space using a virtual reality helmet was demonstrated, as well as a simulator for evacuation procedure of employees. In the field of augmented reality there were presented several solutions using special augmented reality glasses Epson 350 and 2000. and there were showed the latest interactive technologies for group design of business processes using special multimedia equipment and software in the field of business process modeling.

Also, the participants — representatives of industrial enterprises – were presented the capabilities of the laboratory to solve the problems of finding bottlenecks in the production chain, methods of eliminating these bottlenecks and automation of economic business processes using a special BPMS class system on the example of ELMA. Using the capabilities of the EPSON latest equipment, there were showed a multi-user mode and automated work on the business process: there was formed an fake team of three people and without prior training passed all operations: each participant in its area of responsibility performed tasks, passed a resolution, controlled the execution. The participants of the event were convinced of the simplicity of the business process as well as on the guarantees of achieving the result of the business process using the process management technologies with the help of ELMA.

The new laboratory is a great opportunity to form the necessary set of competencies and make it perfect.

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