More than 200 Perm Tech students got a foot in the door

More than 200 Perm Tech students got a foot in the door

Second year students of  Oil and Gas Technology department were having practical training which was organized on the base of Krai Polytechnic College in Chernushka city and on the base of manufacturing sites of the leading oil and drilling enterprises of the region.

Among trainees were students from Iraq, Egypt and Russia.

Perm Tech trains specialists not only Russian ones but foreign as well. The interest to oil and gas industry picks up each year.

Safety first. Before proceeding to practical activities, students were instructed on safety. Then, under the guidance of oil and gas department specialists students mastered the skills of servicing wells operated by rod and centrifugal pumps, automated group measuring unit and pipeline valves at the training ground.

In the framework of practical training students visited industrial subsidiaries of LULOIL-PERM Ltd., "Drilling company Eurasia" Ltd., branch of "ARGOS" Ltd. in Chernushka city. The students were watching the engineers and technicians working with the great interest.

As a result after two weeks training second year students passed the qualification examination successfully.

As for graduate students, they were having industrial training. For instance, Abdo Taufik Abdullah Ahmed worked in the "NSH Asia Drilling" during the month as a trainee. Taufik is from Yemen and he is not ready to rest after getting a bachelor degree diploma, he is going to continue studying and get master degree diploma at Perm Tech.

Today there are about 500 foreign students from CIS countries, China, Middle East and Africa who came to be the part of Perm Tech.

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