New Academic Year is coming soon!

New Academic Year is coming soon!

On 1 September 1984, the Supreme Council of the USSR officially designated the first of September as the official ‘Day of Knowledge’. Like all holidays, this one has its own traditions.

The beginning of September is not just about the coming of autumn; for many, it means the start of a new school year or academic year. As August comes to a close, Russians  return from holidays away at summer camps, dachas or their homes in the countryside, and families set about preparing for the new academic year. By Sept. 1, everybody has to be ready to hit the ground running – pencils need to be sharpened, new bags purchased, and new shoes polished.

Perm Tech invites all students to celebrate the beginning of Academic Year. The event will be 2 September.2019 at 2 p.m.  in front of the Perm Tech Building.

This day the 1st year students will meet the rector, vice-chancellors and the deans of the University.

Welcome everybody to come and to celebrate!

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