German professors are the academic staff of Perm Tech

German professors are the academic staff of Perm Tech

Beginning from September 2019 Professor Kutz and Professor Krause from the Anhalt University of applied science started their work at "Information technology and automated system" department, Perm Tech. During the 1st semester they are having classes for the master degree students of the second year.

Together with Anhalt university of applied science Perm Tech is implementing the double degree diploma project. The students attending classes of Prof. Kutz and Prof. Krause will have a chance to study during one semester at Anhalt university of applied science and to get diplomas of both Perm Tech and Anhalt University of applied science.

Professor Martin Kutz has a huge experience in management and information solutions to the increasing of performances in industry. Professor Berndt Krause knows all the angles of preparing to championships and cups devoted to the data analysis systems.

Double degree programs enhance students‘ independent study and research skills, develop critical thinking, ability to live and work in a multicultural environment, think outside the box, become more flexible, accepting of differences and tolerant. Students have more opportunities to get internships in the leading German and Russian companies; do cutting-edge research with the best German and Russian professors.

Perm Tech broadens students‘ horizons.

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