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Study tour to Germany

Study tour to Germany

21 October 2019 127

Master degree students of the second year studying and the postgraduate student went to the partner university Magdeburg Stendal, Germany. The study tour is funded by the DAAD grant.

During 10 days of the trip they will study the methods of the ground testing according to the EU standards. Also students will participate in the international student conference and will visit the main sights of the Magdeburg and Berlin city.

The main aim of the summer geotechnical school is to come to know Russian student with advanced achievements of the "geotechnical science " in Germany. During the school Russian students will attend classes of the leading scientist in geotechnique, meet the modern trends in foundations and visit some objects, where the latest technological approaches and unique equipment is used.

Carrying out the summer school let us strengthening and developing scientific and cultural relations between Russian and German students and bring Perm Tech to the new level.