Opening the new frontiers

Opening the new frontiers

There were signed two agreement between Perm Krai and public joint-stock company "LUKOIL". The first agreement was devoted to collaboration for setting up Perm scientific-educational center (SEC) "Sustainable natural recourse management", as for the second one, it was supplementary protocol of the main agreement between Perm Krai and public joint-stock company "LUKOIL" for the next year. Both documents were signed by the Perm Krai Governor Maxim Reshetnikov and by the president of public joint-stock company "LUKOIL" Vagit Alikperov.

The aim of the agreement is cooperation of the main scientific and educational organizations for starting up the projects intended to sustainable natural resource management  as well as to further development of the Perm Krai.

In the framework of the agreement there were mentioned commercial exploitation and launching new products and technologies to the Russian and global market as well as development of the advanced system for training highly-skilled scientific and industrial staff and implementation of the up to date academic programs.

Perm SEC "Sustainable natural recourse management" will have seven main exploration trends: solid commercial minerals, hydrocarbon, applied chemistry, power engineering industry, new materials and substances, environment and safety, digitalization and robot-based application.

Pavel Ilushin, the senior lecturer of the oil and gas technologies department at Perm Tech, candidate of science, was appointed to the position of the head of the SEC Before the new position he headed the scientific educational center of the geology and  oil and gas field development.

The SEC will have about 105 laboratories and departments from across the globe. There will be involved more than 600 researchers. Moreover there will be working more than 5000 engineers from sectoral research institutes and engineering companies from throughout Russia. Partners of the SEC will be more than 50 the largest Russian companies as well as foreign ones.

It is planned to develop new infrastructure for SEC development, thus there will be competences centers, intellectual properties management centers, foresight centers for efficient forecasting and further research strategic plan management. All these units will be set in one district that will be as a "scientific city in the Perm city". Also there will be campus for more than 6 thousand students.

The president of public joint-stock company "LUKOIL" Vagit Alikperov mentioned that it is Perm Tech that will become a platform for training highly skilled specialists that will be working on different industrial enterprises and for the public joint-stock company "LUKOIL" company as such.

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