The Governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov had a great inclusive dialogue with the students of Perm Tech

The Governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov had a great inclusive dialogue with the students of Perm Tech

On 11 November. 2019 there was a meeting with the governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov who visited Perm Tech and had an interesting talk with students and postgraduates.

The head of Perm Krai disclosed the strategy of industry and technical areas in the region. The period when the layers and economists set standards is over and today it is a time of engineers who design and create new ideas and products.

The industry of Perm Krai has increased 9 % during the three years and such growth rates will be in a future. As a results there are a lot of investment projects.

 The investment profile for the next 6 years is 1,6 trillion rubles that will lead to providing employment for more than 10 thousand workplaces. All projects are presented by the industrial enterprises that will need more workplaces.

During the talk the governor highlighted that the success is depended on the way students develop their skills and competencies and get with the times, as well as address challenges.

IT-Cluster of Prikamye (Perm Krai) is developing dynamically. Promobot Company is one of the prime examples. Also the region is needed construction competencies. The volume growth of the state constructions such as schools, kindergartens, roads, hospitals, etc. is raising, and the number and complexity of the construction projects are increasing, thus one need highly-qualified specialists.

During the dialogue with the governor there were asked about twenty questions dedicated to the social infrastructure, employment, city traffic, opening new scientific research centers as well as regional youth organizations.

We are very proud that our students are having a thing for the city they live in and it is so great that they are ready to improve it and the country.

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