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Skolkovo at Perm Tech

Skolkovo at Perm Tech

13 November 2019 127

The associate professor of the "Automated technology and automated remote control" department Igor Bezukladnikov and the post graduate student of the "Drilling production, metrology and material technology" department and at the same time the director of the "F2 Innovations" company Evgeniy Matveev presented their own project devoted to the extruding machine for 3-D printers, which was supported by the Skolkovo funding.

Extruding machine is the main part of the 3D printer, throughout which the special jet-pipe squirts the material.

Advanced production, using the additive technologies can apply the new 3-D printers today already.

The funding is 5 million rubles for 12 months. The financial support will cover the improvement process of the core product and transaction costs.

Product engineers say that the new extruding machine will allow to increase the speed of printing due to innovation method  of jet-pipe heating as well as the developed algorithms of heating and printing process management.

The product is created with the help of FDM- layer wise melting method, which is one of the types of additive technologies in 3D-printening. The new extruding machine can be heated up to 1100 degree in a matter of seconds. Due to that one can use high temperature plastic, metal and composite materials.