Kogalim City is welcoming Perm Tech

Kogalim City is welcoming Perm Tech

On 11 December. 2019 Anatoliy Tashkinov , the rector of Perm Tech, and Vagit Alikperov, the president of LUKOIL and Nikolay Palchikov, the head of Kogalim city signed the tripartite agreement. 

The signed document is about the parties collaboration in order to provide scientific and educational activity on the Kogalim territory. Opening of the branch office will contribute to scientific society and educational environment development, including the engineers training for oil and gas industry according to the international standards. It is planned to have classes with foreign specialists and lecturers.

In the framework of opening the branch, beginning from 2020 Perm Tech and LUKOIL Company will start their profession oriented work among high schoolchildren studying in the regions the LUKOIL Company work. It means that there will be make-up classes, Olympiads and competitions.

LUKOIL Company will provide funding that will make it possible to construct the buildings for educational activities in 2023.

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