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2 July 2020 127

More and more people have a desire to create a blog or follow opinion shapers in the Internet. Associate Professor of Perm Tech Andrei Prudnikov said whether this sphere would develop during the pandemic and how bloggers influenced people's consciousness.

“Lots of people are engaged in mass blogging today. I think that everyone who has a page on social network and sometimes shares content without regard to the number of likes and reposts is “blogger”. From this point of view a professional blogger is a person who manages to monetize this activity. He turns it into one of the main and stable income sources,” says Andrei Prudnikov, Associate Professor of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Perm Tech.

According to the scientist, blogs have already become an independent media that has many chances to survive even in severe crises. But only a few of them will break through, most of them will most likely remain in the shadow.

The expert believes that during self-isolation some opinion leaders help people. They post on the pages their skype conversations with journalists or actors, where they share experiences on how to deal with the new situation. These answers make people be calm and think positively. But among those who actively share content there are also authors who have a negative reaction to the current situation. Most often it is a model of destructive behavior when bloggers want to show their own superiority over others.

“This is the worst example of the inability to prove the own value in a different way, when bloggers use silly methods of boasting and demonstration of the supposed superiority over others,” the expert believes.

The Associate Professor says if the self-isolation regime ends up relatively quickly, the opportunities for development in blogging will remain the same. Negative forecast shows that the pandemic will stretch on and repeat. If we believe in it, the interest in fitness, food bloggers and bloggers from the world of show business and culture will increase. Sitting at home without recommendations and podcasts of your favorite actors or singers who cannot be seen live for a long time will most likely be a difficult task for many people.