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Our research

NameTitles, positionsResearch
Aleksandr A. InozemtzevProfessor,
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Gas turbine technology:

  • development of principles of conceptual design of aircraft engines with a high bypass ratio for medium- and long-haul aircraft;
  • elaboration of gas turbine equipment design methods using multi-level system of mathematical models of physical processes in the compressor, combustor and turbine based on advanced information technologies;
  • elaboration of methods and strategies of management of service life of gas-turbine equipment without bench developments; including construction of systems of technical diagnostics and monitoring to ensure safe and reliable operation;
  • development of research and engineering concept of construction of modular-container electric power stations with high efficiency gas-turbine drives based on the converted aircraft engines providing high performance and environmental characteristics.


Aleksandr A. YuzhakovProfessor,
Doctor of Technical Sciences
  • Adaptive analog-to-digital converters;
  • Neural technology;
  • Information management systems;
  • Pattern recognition;
  • Network architecture;
  • Robotic systems;
  • Information security;
  • Dynamic streaming architecture.
Anatoliy V. MolodchikProfessor,
Doctor of Economic Sciences
  • Innovation Management.
  • Self-Developing Self-organizing Systems of Innovation.
Anton B. PetrochenkovAssociate Professor,
PhD Technical Sciences
  • Automation of testing power apparatus, testing gas-turbine power stations;
  • Developing and tuning automatic control systems;
  • Simulation tests of Smart Grid systems.


Larisa V. RudakovaProfessor,
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Environmental biotechnology:

  • development and intensification of technologies of biological wastewater treatment;
  • biotechnological methods of disposal of domestic and industrial organic waste, deodorizing and cleaning of gas emissions;
  • immobilization of microorganisms and production of biosorbents.
  • Comprehensive assessment of the state of the environment, and development of environmental monitoring anthropogenic pollution sources.
  • Ecological education.
Petr V. TrusovProfessor,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Finding multilevel models for description of intensive plastic straining of multiphase polycrystals;
  • Developing mathematical models for description of human body functioning as a whole and its organs and systems.
Sergei V. GalkinProfessor,
Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical sciences
  • Geological and economic evaluation of projects of geological prospecting;
  • design of development of oil fields;
  • methods of enhancement oil recovery;
  • X-ray core imaging.
Valery G. RyabovProfessor,
Doctor of technical sciences
  • Intensification of oil and gas processing and petrochemical processes based on the study into surface phenomena and properties of heterogeneous liquid-phase systems when exposed to surface-active components.
Yury D. SchitsinProfessor,
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Equipment and technologies of plasma materials processing

Yury I. NyashinProfessor,
Doctor of Technical Sciences
  • Mathematical modelling of living systems;
  • Theory of residual and thermal stresses.
Yury N. SimonovProfessor,
Doctor of technical sciences
  • Dispersement of steels and alloys structure with thermal and mechanical processing methods in order to get ultimate indices of structural strength.