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Bachelor’s degree programme «Оil & Gas Management and Economics»

Bachelor’s degree programme «Оil & Gas Management and Economics»

Bachelor’s degree programme «Оil & Gas Management and Economics»


       Duration (years): 4

       Level of Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

       Language of Instruction: English

       Mode of Study: Full-time

       Locations: Perm, Russia

       Study Type: Campus

Program description

The two-year master’s degree with  practice enhances your qualification by including courses on the current issues of management and economics in oil and gas industry and a vocational or research internship. A vocational internship is a great way to gain work experience and give your CV a competitive edge. A research internship provides you with the opportunity to develop your analytical, team-working, research and academic skills by working alongside a research team in an academic setting. We guarantee a research internship, but cannot guarantee a vocational internship.

Mission of the program:

Preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of oil & gas enterprise management and economics, possessing the necessary skills and competencies for successful practical activities.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Highly professional teachers who have experience of teaching abroad;
  • English in the field of professional communications;
  • Opportunities for academic mobility in foreign partner universities.

Employment opportunities:

The Program prepares students for carriers in organizations and institutions working either at national level or internationally: in state bodies, private companies operating globally, in government or non-governmental organizations.


Within the framework of the program «Oil & gas management and economics» it is planned to study the following disciplines:

Compulsory courses:

World economy
Credit and banks
Planning in the oil and gas industry
Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry
Economics and Organization of Innovation
Commercial law
Information technology in economics
Tax and taxation
Business fundamentals
Management accounting
Human Resource Management
Strategic management and competitiveness assessment 
Institutional Economics
Financial performance analysis
Analysis of financial and economic activities


If you have any questions regarding admission process, you can either:

– send all your questions (as well as the scans of your documents) to Foreign students faculty foreign@pstu.ru
– make a call to Foreign students faculty, tel.: + 7 (342) 2198 944