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Master′s degree programme Smart industrial robotics

Master′s degree programme Smart industrial robotics


Duration (years): 2

Credit (ECTS): 120

Qualification Awarded: Smart industrial robotics

Level of Qualification: Master's Degree

Language of Instruction: English

Mode of Study: Full-time

Locations: Perm, Russia

Study Type: Campus/Online

What you will study

- Signal processing in robotics systems

- Theory of automatic control in robotics (special sections)

- Robotic systems modeling

- Robotic systems identification, research and design

- Microelectronic systems research and design for the autonomous robots

- Manipulators and their kinematics

- Industrial robots and manipulators for high-technology flexible manufacturing systems

- Programming languages (practical work)

 - Robots and manipulators mechanics and dynamics

- Industrial robot programming languages

- Industrial robotics systems hardware

- Technological processes automation (in mechanical engineering)

- Knowledge-based control systems for industrial robotics

- Industrial robotic systems software

- Intellectual measuring for robotics applications

- Information security for industrial robotic systems

- Industrial robots mechanisms research and design

- Micro-controller programming

- Robotics operating systems

- Models and methods of audio and image processing

- Virtual and augmented reality technologies 

Each year of study provides practice:

1 year - technology practice;

2 year  - pre-diploma practice.

All modules/stages feature robotics engineering laboratories, seminars with industry and communication skills classes.

 Career Prospects

     - Robotics engineer

     - Robotics Engineer

     - Electronics Engineer

     - Robotics service team engineer

Fields of expertise

- Robotic cell construction implementation

- Workplace automation

- Mechatronic systems software development

- Hardware development

- Programming of industrial robots

- Integration of robot control systems from various manufacturers

- Layouting for the industrial automation projects

- Tooling design


If you have any questions regarding admission process, you can either:
- send all your questions (as well as the scans of your documents) to Foreign students faculty foreign@pstu.ru
- make a call to Foreign students faculty, tel.: + 7 (342) 2198 944