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Master′s programme «Translation theory and practice»

Master′s programme «Translation theory and practice»


Duration (years): 2

Credit (ECTS): 120

Qualification Awarded:  Translation theory and practice

Level of Qualification: Master's Degree

Language of Instruction: English

Mode of Study: Full-time

Locations: Perm, Russia

Study Type: Campus/Online

Graduating department: Foreign languages, linguistics and translation

The rationale for the programme is made up by demand for technological and communication competences of translators qualified in foreign languages for special purposes. The major language combination is English and Russian, with additional foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Chinese) being optional.

The target audience of the programme is graduates of bachelor programs of different profile, proficient in a foreign language.

The programme content is consistent with current trends in industrialisation, digitalisation and automation of interpreting and translation activities.

Curriculum structure:

Basic part:

  • Philosophy of science and technology
  • General linguistics and history of linguistic studies
  • Engineering pedagogy
  • Professional communication in science and technology
  • Theory and practice of translation
  • Theory and practice of interpreting
  • Professional deontology
  • Intercultural mediation
  • Professional rhetoric
  • Stylistics and text editing

Major part:

  • Current issues of translation theory
  • Specialized translation
  • Teaching methods of foreign languages and translation
  • Psychology of translation

Elective courses:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  •  Audiovisual translation (AVT)
  • Website localisation
  • Computer-aided translation (CAT) and post-editing of machine translation (PEMT)
  • Organisational and management practices in the translation industry

Areas of translation specialisation include oil and gas processing, nanoindustry, urban studies, robotics, logistics and ecotourism.

The academic staff consists of experienced professors of translation, practising interpreters and translators, and researchers in translation theory and didactics. The programme is based on a network form in cooperation with the Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU).

The research activities of students in the master's programme are related to linguistics, terminology management as well as post-editing, software localisation, automation of translation processes, transcreation, etc.

Potential employers of the graduates are LSPs, travel, logistics and industrial companies needing specialised translation and content localization.

The Department has established postgraduate programmes “Theory and Methodology of Education and Training (Foreign Languages; Higher Education Level)” and “Theoretical, Applied and Comparative Linguistics” as further expansion to the Master's programme.


If you have any questions regarding admission process, you can either:
- send all your questions (as well as the scans of your documents) to Foreign students faculty foreign@pstu.ru
- make a call to Foreign students faculty, tel.: + 7 (342) 2198 944