16 июля 2020

Perm Tech entered top 50 Russian most influential universities. The RAEX agency has, for the first time, ranked Russian universities based on their societal influence.

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16 июля 2020

A student of the Electrical Engineering Faculty at Perm Tech has developed technology for heating wells to reduce oil viscosity. The heater, which helps pumps to lift black gold out of the well, will work more efficient with this technology.

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16 июля 2020

The Perm Tech student Nadezhda Menlysheva suggested quicker and more efficient method for manufacturing titanium alloy details. It will allow reducing the material usage, making the production cycle shorter and increasing the production efficiency.

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16 июля 2020

Perm Tech researchers are developing a biomechanical model that could help 80% of adults and 20% of children to reduce the risk of brain ischemia and stroke. Scientists believe that temporomandibular joint disorder which influences on the internal carotid artery can cause such strokes.

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2 июля 2020

More and more people have a desire to create a blog or follow opinion shapers in the Internet. Associate Professor of Perm Tech Andrei Prudnikov said whether this sphere would develop during the pandemic and how bloggers influenced people's consciousness.

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2 июля 2020

Perm Tech took the 48th place in the Ranking for the top universities in Russia RAEX-100 in 2020. The university became the only one university in the Kama River region, which made the top 100. In comparison with the previous year it rose by six positions.

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2 июля 2020

Perm Tech hosted Perm security meetup, an event organized by the cybersecurity laboratory of Perm Tech and IT University. The expert speakers were representatives of leading Russian cybersecurity companies such as Kaspersky Lab and Positive Technologies.

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2 июля 2020

A student of the Aerospace Engineering faculty at Perm Tech has presented a model of a closed-cycle gas-turbine with CO2 as the working fluid. This unique technology will allow enterprises to reduce harmful emissions and make the waste work as fuel.

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26 июня 2020

The technology by Olga Sokolova, a student of the Aircraft engineering faculty, Perm Tech, will help to determine the operational dynamics of the engines at the enterprises in advance. The innovation will prevent from occupational accidents as early as the design stage. The light version of the rotor model helped to design it.

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22 мая 2020

Perm Tech researchers studied the question concerning the temperature influence on the behavior of modern composites. The technology will strengthen the materials from which critical structures for industry are created. The study is useful in the manufacture of aircraft engines, engineering and the oil and gas industry.

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