22 мая 2020

Perm Tech researchers studied the question concerning the temperature influence on the behavior of modern composites. The technology will strengthen the materials from which critical structures for industry are created. The study is useful in the manufacture of aircraft engines, engineering and the oil and gas industry.

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21 мая 2020

The civil engineering faculty organized the XII All-Russian youth conference "New technologies in civil engineering. Theory and practice" for participants among postgraduate students, young scientist and students. The conference was held in online-format.   

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18 мая 2020

Scientists of Perm Tech developed a sensor that improves the technology of three-dimensional metal products printing. It will allow more accurately and quickly to build products using an electron beam, taking into account all technological parameters. The innovation will be useful in  aircraft and rocket industries.

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15 мая 2020

To design unattended service robots will be available next academic year. Perm Tech is starting the new on-line master degree program, which has no analogue in Russia. The new skills set will be available for everybody who has network connection.

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8 мая 2020

The international rating agency RUR has published the next edition RUR World University Rankings 2020, which includes leading universities ranked in terms of educational and research activities, publication activity, attracting foreign teachers and students, financial stability and interaction with industrial partners.

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27 апреля 2020

Perm Tech scientists are developing the SCOLVIEW app. which will define scoliosis grade automatically. Using neural networks and computer vision the application will be able to follow the dynamics of the axis changes and will provide the user with the preventive care.

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23 апреля 2020

There were published the results of the world leading universities ranking made by Times Higher Education agency. Perm Tech was introduced in 10 nominations at once. 

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22 апреля 2020

The Perm Tech scientist developed the stand for oil well drilling monitoring.

Alexandr Melehin, Perm Tech young scientist, is developing the equipment for transferring the data from the building oil well.

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17 апреля 2020

Project introduced by REC "Sustainable subsurface management" together with Engineering Academy of the RUDN University is one of the best among R&D and pilot-plan projects presented during the competition organized by RUDN University in the framework with Russian and foreign tech firms collaboration.

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23 марта 2020

An expert from Perm Tech Alexandr Gorshkov explained how the  life of people will be changed after the pandemic. 

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