Student exchange programme USA 2015-2016

Student exchange programme USA 2015-2016

Start of the International student exchange programme Global UGRAD competition 2015-2016 has been announced. The deadline for applications is 16 February 2015.
Organizer: World Learning Inc.

Russian Federation is one of the member-countries of Global UGRAD exchange programme. Students from following regions can also take part in this programme:
1. Europe and CIS States;
2. South and Central Asia;
3. East Asia and countries of the Pacific Region;
4. Middle East and Northern Africa;
5. Sub-Saharan Africa;
6. Latin America countries.

The Global UGRAD programme provides an opportunity for studying at the colleges and universities of the USA for six months without receiving a diploma. The talented first and second year students of full-time four-year bachelor programmes or the first, second and third year students of five-year bachelor and specialist programmes are accepted. The participants will be chosen according to academic results, leadership skills, knowledge of the English language (written, spoken), personal characteristics needed for successful participation in the educational exchange programme.

The programme covers transportation, living, studying costs etc.

Programme description:
Global UGRAD programme participants will study at accredited colleges and universities offering two and four-year higher education programmes. They will attend public works, professional traineeships and cultural events. The program includes lecture and seminars course, discussions, meeting with professors and students, American culture knowing and the knowing of American degree differences. During one half-year students should study at least one course of American studies dedicated the history, literature, art and state system of USA. The participants will live in the dormitories together with the students of American colleges and universities.
Students of all specialties can take part in the programme.

Studies start in January 2016 for all participants of Global UGRAD programme 2015-16, who will attend colleges and universities for the spring term. The programme also includes the initial orientation before the departure from Russia, online orientation after arriving to the USA and a seminar at the end of the programme.
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