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Social Activities

Social Activities



Over 4000 students annually take part in the concerts of students’ amateur performances.

The most popular groups:

  • Choreographic group “Solnechnaya Raduga”
  • Folk ethnographical studio “Radolniza”
  • Theatre studio “Arlekin”
  • The club of sharp-witted and cheerful people (KVN)
  • The club of intellectuals
  • Students’ choir

Students’ amateur groups “Solnechnaya Raduga”, “Arlekin” present Russia on famous international festivals. The choreographic group “Solnechnaya Raduga” is engaged in preparation activities of large-scale state holidays.
Our students annually win in regional, Russian and international festivals and competitions. Over the last five years the university has won in the regional festival “Students’ concert and theatre spring” three times.

Traditional cultural mass activities:

  • The Day of the University
  • The Day of a First-year student
  • The festival “Students’ concert and theatre spring”
  • The competition "Miss and Mister of PNRPU”
  • The tournament among groups of KVN
  • The competition “Star Jumping-off place”
  • The concerts of amateur groups of PNRPU
  • Championships and tournaments in intellectual games