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 The Academic Board of the University is empowered to:
  • 1) take decisions of calling and conducting conferences;
  • 2) establish the procedure of election of delegates to conferences, and prepare documents and conduct the conferences;
  • 3) consider the draft Articles of Association and alterations thereto;
  • 4) exercise general control over the activities of the University so that to ensure their compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation and with these Articles of Association;
  • 5) settle all matters of academic, research and analytical work, training of specialists, international relations of the University, including curriculums and programmes, and coordination of curriculums of the departments, take decisions relating to organization of academic process, including terms of studies, in compliance with the requirements of the federal standards of instruction, education and examination, postpone the beginning of an academic year, and approve the procedure of working out research plans;
  • 6) hear annual reports of the Rector;
  • 7) set forth principles of allocation of financial, material and manpower resources of the University;
  • 8) approve the regulations for scholarships and establish the amounts of scholarships and fellowships;
  • 9) establish the terms and procedure of election of the Rector of the University, as well as the procedure of nomination of candidates for the Rector;
  • 10) decide the matters of presentation of professors and teachers to be granted academic titles of associate professor and professor, corresponding member and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • 11) conduct competitive elections of research and educational workers;
  • 12) elect deans of the University;
  • 13) elect heads of the departments of the University;
  • 14) take decisions relating to establishment, re-organization and liquidation of scientific and research subdivisions;
  • 15) determine the directions of scientific research;
  • 16) approve subjects of theses and dissertations;
  • 17) consider annual plans of research work of the University;
  • 18) consider the matters relating to the activities of the University Dissertation Boards;
  • 19) consider the matters relating to editorial and publishing activities;
  • 20) file petitions for granting titles of the Russian Federation and providing state and branch awards and prizes;
  • 21) confer honorary titles of the University;
  • 22) take decisions relating to establishment (together with other persons, among other things) of business entities which activity involves practical implementation of the results of intellectual activities (software, data bases, inventions, useful models, industrial models, integrated circuit topologies and manufacturing secrets (know-how) the exclusive rights in which belong to the University;
  • 23) elect President of the University;
  • 24) decide other matters falling within its competence according to the laws of the Russian Federation and these Articles of Association.