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Institutes and Centers

Institutes and Centers

Scientific and research complex of the University includes 162 scientific and scientific educational divisions, namely:
  • - Science and Innovations Department;
  • - Scientific and Research Division;
  • - Oil and Gas Institute;
  • - Institute of aircraft engine and gas turbine technologies;
  • - Institute of potassium;
  • - Institute of photonics and optoelectronic instrument making;
  • - Institute of safety, production and human;
  • - Institute of fundamental research;
  • - Institute of transport;
  • - Research Center for Powder Materials;
  • - Center for physical chemistry of high technologies;
  • - Perm National Research Polytechnic University– NEFTEPROJECT;
  • - Science Educational Centre “Mathematics”;
  • - Science Educational Centre “Gas turbine technology”;
  • - Science Educational Centre “Integrated development of geographically-aligned deposits of ore and oil”;
  • - Science Educational Centre “Science intensive chemical processing technology of oil and gas”;
  • - Science Educational Centre of regional and urban planning;
  • - Science Educational Centre “Acoustics research, development and production of composite and sound-absorbing aviation constructions”;
  • - Science Educational Centre “Issues of automated technologies for system support of the life cycle of science intensive products at the enterprise "PROTON - PERM MOTORS";
  • - Applied Chemical and Biochemical Research Centre
  • - Science Educational Centre “Nano-structured materials and products”;
  • - Scientific and Production Centre “Hi-tech mechanical facilities at Perm National Research Polytechnic University”;
  • - Research and Development Centre “Chemistry of New Substances”;
  • - Scientific Research Laboratory “Management and organization of energy-efficient activities”;
  • - Scientific Research Laboratory “Micro and Mesomechanics for Inelastic Deformation”.
  • - Scientific Research Laboratory "Navigation Systems and Complex";
  • - Scientific Research Laboratory “Systems and Water Technology”;